Conservation Imaging--Board of Directors

Tanimoto -- La Gloria nursery project

    Philip D. Tanimoto, Ph.D. Executive Director / Spatial ecologist.

  • Program coordination and fund raising

  • Director of field operations

  • Wildlife research and habitat conservation

I have been a birdwatcher since I was a child. This activity has brought me into the natural world throughout my life, and has been instrumental in my conservation career. As founder of Conservation Imaging, Inc., I strive to to do all I can to promote wise use and conservation of our planet. My commitment to cloud forest conservation stems from my combined love of birds, mountains, and tropical America. My philosophy is that life is short, so let's not waste it. Let's make a real and lasting difference.

    Timothy Hatten, Ph.D. Board Member / Entomologist.

  • Invertebrate sampling and distribution analysis

  • Statistical ecology & modeling

Dr. Hatten is an entomologist and owner of Invertebrate Ecology, Inc., which focuses primarily on analyzing the biodiversity of insects. He is an expert at data synthesis and analysis to parse out taxonomic and geographic pattern at landscape scales. Tim shares our vision of using science and community projects to support the conservation of the cloud forest at Cerro el Amay.

    Jeremy Schewe, M.S. Board Member / Restoration Ecologist / Botanist.

  • Conservation and restoration of damaged watersheds

  • Botanical inventory

  • Wetlands ecology

My parents took me polar camping in a blizzard when I was six months old.  They have been unable to coerce me into emerging from the forests, mountains, glaciers, caves, and islands for more than a few weeks since.  I have a deep love and appreciation for vascular plants, microclimates and unique habitats, as well as observing patterns in nature.  As a result, I have spent the last 13 years of my life working with threatened and endangered vascular species, the habitats that host them, and the human communities living in association with the respective natural areas. My philosophy is to connect people with place, place with people, for within is found a bond that sustains longevity.

    Elias Barrera Lopez, Board Member / Guatemalan Field Adviser.

  • Community and government relations

  • Forest conservation and monitoring

Elias works tirelessly for The Guatemalan Protected areas Council (CONAP) and has an in-depth knowledge of the people, wildlife, and forest resources of Cerro El Amay and its surroundings. He also is superbly focused on the laws and methods of forest protection. Since 2007, Elias has been key in implementing our conservation projects by serving as a liaison and facilitator with indigenous communities.
Taken at Catarata La Gloria

    Rob Lenfestey, B.S.
Board Member / Conservation biologist  / Habitat restoration / Sustainable development / Professional musician.

  • Applied conservation research and ecotourism

  • Outreach and development

  • Sustainable farming and permaculture

I have been working as a conservation biologist for years in Southern Appalachia, Costa Rica, and Hawaii.  The opportunity to help spearhead a project of such importance as this--preserving the cloud forest and caves of Cerro El Amay--and to explore it's vast and uncharted ecosystems in a true, pioneering way, is the project of a lifetime.
At Cerro El Amay, We have the special privilege of working with the cloud forest villages of La Gloria and Laj Chimel.  Like us, they embrace the concept of sustainable community development and have hosted several of our projects in the name of cloud forest conservation. Not many people have the opportunity to save such a precious and vast resource for future generations. For these reasons, I volunteer my time to help Conservation Imaging preserve the El Amay Cloud Forest Ecosystem.   



updated 08/2014